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wtf moment of the week and birthday festivities

on April 5, 2013

I’d like to start this post with a picture: 


Let that sink in for a moment. 

Yes, that picture was actually sent to me by a guy on OkC. Within a few messages he ends up telling me he has a “very strong feminine side” and that he’s looking for somebody to be okay with that. 

What am I supposed to say? I mean, what do I do with that information? 

Turns out, this dude is a [confused] transgender lesbian.

I’d like to say that I’m all about supporting the LGBTQ community so I have absolutely nothing against the fact that he’s a transgender lesbian. 

It’s the fact that I felt lied to. Granted, it was only a few messages but I still felt it should be something that’s said in the first message. He apologized for not having it on his profile because he has a couple of coworkers on OkC and he doesn’t want to out himself. 

I say he’s confused because at first he was saying how he feels like he’s in the wrong body (which obviously makes him transgender) but then he was saying how he wants to have a “normal heterosexual relationship” just one where he’s a “shemale.” Wait, WHAT?!   

At that point I felt like I needed a clarification…because if he feels like he’s in the wrong body…and he wants a heterosexual relationship…then that would mean he wants to be with a man? Right? 

I mean, I’m no pro on the subject so I could be totally wrong. He ends up replying: 

Lol. Nope to men. I meant more about the husband / boyfriend dominate role. If I ever had the sex reassessment surgery. I still prefer women.


“I might try heterosexual sex with a guy just once. But would be just sex. And I could still get the same thing with a gf/wife with a strap on.”


I didn’t even know how to respond. I wished him luck on his search and boom…conversation was over. 

I know this is going to sound a little harsh but should he even be on OkC when he can’t put all of this information out there? He would save a lot of time (mine and his) by just putting the truth out there. Have any of my readers experience something similar to this? I’d love to hear stories!

In other news, it’s my birthday today! The big 2-8! haha. No really, it’s been a wonderful birthday so far and I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such an incredible family and my friends. 

There’s also another guy in the picture. I’m not ready to talk about him yet though. I need to think of a clever name for him. 

22 responses to “wtf moment of the week and birthday festivities

  1. Chin Up, Chest High! says:

    I had to read that three times and I still have a headache trying to get my head around it.

    Seriously, who’d be a woman on a dating site…

    • dsantos85 says:

      no words can properly describe what happened that day. I still can’t wrap my head around what happened and it was earlier on this week! haha

  2. Dating Fresh says:

    Happy birthday! And whoa, haha. Just when you think you’ve seen it all… 🙂

  3. 1. Happy birthday.
    2. A transwoman who wants a heterosexual relationship, wants to be with a man; a transwoman who wants a lesbian relationship wants to be with a woman. So, yep, you had it correct.
    3. Eagerly awaiting the story of the other dude in the picture. Think of a name already.

    • dsantos85 says:

      1. thank you!!! 😀
      2. i’m glad i was right…i felt i was going crazy trying to figure it out hahaha.
      3. oh man…i have so much to write. Honestly, i think i need to process everything that happened last night. It was absolutely wonderful and I’m so incredible happy! I have a really good feeling about this guy. My name for him is Mr. Incredible 😉

  4. I can actually relate to this. My ex decided one day that she was really a guy trapped in a girl’s body, but that she still liked men… so I guess she was a gay man trapped in a girl’s body? She started going out with another guy, and while they were dating she went and, er, officially became a guy herself. And she/he’s still with the same guy. So what does that make him? Is he gay? Bisexual? Phew. I gotta take a nap now. My head hurts every time I try to figure all this out…

    Oh yeah – happy birthdate!

    • dsantos85 says:

      hahahaha…yeah, it’s too much of a process to try and figure it out. but it seems as though he’s a gay man.

      thanks for the birthday wish! much appreciated 😀

  5. Happy Birthday!! I actually ran across a guy today on Craigslist…well actually, he was posting as a couple looking for a couple and I sent him pics of the Professor I see and I. When I asked for pics of them he just sent me him and said he actually didn’t have a pic of her, they are just fwb. Okay, then he changed to saying that she wouldn’t be interested in him but he was interested in me and we could have a MFM threesome. I said the Prof wouldn’t like that but I could play alone. He acted okay with that but then eventually told me that he is bicurious and wanted to know if I’d be interested in giving him a blow job with another guy. Um… That’s the short story anyway, lol. It’s like, WHY not just post that is what you are wanting and find like minded individuals instead of trying to trick ME into it?

  6. Debby says:

    oh my God, you just won the WTF? award of all times! I’m having my hopes up for the second guy… curious! Fingers crossed for him being the perfect Birthday gift!! 🙂

    • dsantos85 says:

      no it really does deserve some sort of award.

      and it really was an incredible birthday for me yesterday. I’m trying to process everything that was said…then i’ll post. it was all sorts of wonderful!

  7. New Single Guy says:

    Happy Day After Your Birthday! And yeah… That is one seriously confused individual.

    • dsantos85 says:

      thanks so much!!

      yes, i could sense there was a major sense of confusion. I even told him that he should seek professional help because there are people who specialize in these kinds of situations and he said he just recently started to go to therapy. i wish him all the luck in the world!

  8. Summer says:

    Those are the ugliest boobs I’ve ever seen. Wow… I’ve thought I’ve encountered some weirdos. You have me beat with this one!

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