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wtf moment of the week and birthday festivities

I’d like to start this post with a picture: 


Let that sink in for a moment. 

Yes, that picture was actually sent to me by a guy on OkC. Within a few messages he ends up telling me he has a “very strong feminine side” and that he’s looking for somebody to be okay with that. 

What am I supposed to say? I mean, what do I do with that information? 

Turns out, this dude is a [confused] transgender lesbian.

I’d like to say that I’m all about supporting the LGBTQ community so I have absolutely nothing against the fact that he’s a transgender lesbian. 

It’s the fact that I felt lied to. Granted, it was only a few messages but I still felt it should be something that’s said in the first message. He apologized for not having it on his profile because he has a couple of coworkers on OkC and he doesn’t want to out himself. 

I say he’s confused because at first he was saying how he feels like he’s in the wrong body (which obviously makes him transgender) but then he was saying how he wants to have a “normal heterosexual relationship” just one where he’s a “shemale.” Wait, WHAT?!   

At that point I felt like I needed a clarification…because if he feels like he’s in the wrong body…and he wants a heterosexual relationship…then that would mean he wants to be with a man? Right? 

I mean, I’m no pro on the subject so I could be totally wrong. He ends up replying: 

Lol. Nope to men. I meant more about the husband / boyfriend dominate role. If I ever had the sex reassessment surgery. I still prefer women.


“I might try heterosexual sex with a guy just once. But would be just sex. And I could still get the same thing with a gf/wife with a strap on.”


I didn’t even know how to respond. I wished him luck on his search and boom…conversation was over. 

I know this is going to sound a little harsh but should he even be on OkC when he can’t put all of this information out there? He would save a lot of time (mine and his) by just putting the truth out there. Have any of my readers experience something similar to this? I’d love to hear stories!

In other news, it’s my birthday today! The big 2-8! haha. No really, it’s been a wonderful birthday so far and I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such an incredible family and my friends. 

There’s also another guy in the picture. I’m not ready to talk about him yet though. I need to think of a clever name for him. 


Pictures, pictures, pictures!

So WordPress gave us bloggers a challenge. DPchallenge When the year is coming to an end, you usually come across some sort of top 10/20/100 (whatever the number is).

I’m taking WordPress up on this challenge! Here are the top 10 picture no-no’s, for online dating profiles:
1. Is it really that bright? There is no need to post multiple pictures of you with sunglasses on. Are you the type of person to wear glasses inside? If so, you’re a douche. It is never THAT bright inside. Take them off. What the hell are you hiding?
2. How do you not have multiple pictures? You know the guy/girl that took multiple mirror shots but are slightly different. I mean, really? Do you not have any friends that’ll take pictures if you? Ridiculous. Or how do you have ONE picture? What are you hiding?
3. Clean your bathroom! I hate bathroom pictures. I don’t want to see your dirty ass mirror or sink. If you’re gonna do it, at least make sure it’s clean.
4. Is that your girlfriend? I don’t want to see pictures of you and some other broad. If its your sister….caption it!
5. Shirtless pictures are so two years ago. Okay, really though…not even two years ago. They were never “in.” I don’t want to see you half naked. That should be left to the imagination. You don’t see me flashing my titties.
6. Where the hell are your pictures?!? Why would you have a dating profile and not post pictures. What are you hiding? Are you married? In jail?
7. Why are you so far away??? Posting a bunch of pictures of you that are at least 50 feet away does NOT give me an idea as to what you look like
8. I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite. I love to smile…I love taking pictures. I get it, I know not everybody is like that. But shit! Do you not smile AT ALL?!?! I don’t want to see a line up of mug shots. Liven up your pictures. I’d love to see your personality through your pictures.
9. I get it, you love your pet. I love my dog…I take a bunch of pictures of him, but I keep them on my phone! Occasionally changing my background images to my lil pup. With that beig said…is it REALLY that necessary to post so many pictures of your pet? I don’t even think one is necessary, but if you’re going to do it. Let it be ONE. It’s creepy when you have so many pictures of your pet. It’s not cute…just stop.
10. Alcoholic much? If you have an alcoholic beverage in EVERY single one of your pictures…it kinda looks like you may or may not be an alcoholic.

Thanks for the challenge, Daily Post.

Have any other no-no’s that I missed?!? I’d love to hear them!!

Also, Merry Christmas! Big thanks to everyone who follows my blog. It’s much appreciated.

Much love ❤


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