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barking spiders

on July 15, 2013

wow, it’s been almost a month since I’ve updated my blog. Sorry about that!

Growing up…my neighbors, sister and I used to always play together. One of the brothers was my age so naturally we were together all the time. Every now and again (actually pretty often) he would let out some pretty nasty farts. I’d get irritated with them and he would very innocently say “what? it’s those barking spiders” and we would both crack up and we’d forget the fart even happened. 

One of my bff’s texted me the other day about something that happened with the guy she was dating. Apparently he farted on accident while he was laughing. He was super embarrassed and they didn’t even acknowledge it happened. I know for a fact that if it was me, I probably would’ve laughed it off and made fun of myself. I mean, let’s be real…we all fart and if you’re living in some delusional world where you think women don’t fart, we do! Get over yourself. 

I have yet to fart in front of Mr. I and he hasn’t in front of me. 

My question is…does it ever become appropriate? My mother raised my sister and I to never burp or fart in front of a man. I’ve burped once in front of Mr. I but it was an accident. I swear that thing came outta nowhere! 

Anyways, is it ever okay? Curious to hear your thoughts 

Let’s hope I don’t go another month before posting again. 

Thanks for reading along, y’all! 


Oh and…P.S. 

Since I’ve been a little MIA….Here’s a quick recap on my life, if you’re interested: 

  • I’m officially registered as a graduate student! EEK! That’s so scary but I’m SO freaking excited! It’s going to be a brand new chapter in my life and I’m looking forward to every moment of it. Classes start next month!  
  • I’m so stupidly in love with Mr. I, I can’t even handle it sometimes. I feel like there should be some sort of party when you fall in love. Like, hey! come celebrate this awesome feeling. His name still holds true….Mr. Incredible. He makes me happy. 
  • I’ve gained 15 lbs since about December. Which sucks cause I lost 40 lbs last year which was incredibly difficult and here I am just eating everything I can. I gotta do something about this. Some have called this happy weight, I call it me being a lazy ass and not being as active as I should be. 
  • My summer has been filled with lots of fun activities! Amusement parks, being a tourist in LA, and mini vacations.

5 responses to “barking spiders

  1. Kat says:

    I was brought up in a family that openly burps and farts at home but not in public. So when it comes to burping, that habit was passed on to me. As for farting, I pretty much only do that in private, except for those accidental farts that slip by. When those happen, yea I’m embarrassed, but not enough to totally ignore the incident. I would laugh about it and move on in a few seconds. I’m comfortable enough to burp in front of my boyfriend because it seems he doesn’t find it appalling (I hope). I don’t think I’ll ever get comfortable enough to purposely fart in front of him; although, he reached that level of comfort months ago, but you know this already.

  2. New Single Guy says:

    In the six months I dated Ginger, I don’t think either of us passed gas with the other present. I probably belched a couple times, here or there.

    I’d say keep it to a minimum if you can. Feminine mysteries and all. Hell, I don’t even really fart around any of my friends either. I try to keep those to me and me alone. My father was completely the opposite.

  3. I find it hilarious when girls burp and fart. Then again, I find everything hilarious.

  4. emarie24 says:

    I just followed 🙂 I fart in front of my ex (that I’m dating again) and have in front of everybody I’ve dated… I mean, I pee with the door open and poop with it open half the time, so whatever!

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